What is veganishy?



  • describes one who does not eat animal products…most of the time…on occasion eats a pasture raised egg or scallop or a bite or two of a dairy-containing dish a good friend is excited for them to try
  • being one who, in good humor, suffers the eye rolls of omnivores and scorn of vegans at the same time

About Me


Hi!  I’m so happy you’ve found me!

My name is Mary and I love to cook, especially when it involves convincing the world that the most delicious food is meat and dairy free.

Living a healthier life is so energizing!  I’ve been slowly eliminating animal products for years, and I’m thiiis close to being vegan…I’m on that critical cusp where opinionated omnivores and vegans both think I’m ridiculous.  It can be hard.  I love a good challenge, though, and since my adventures in doing right by my body seem like sitcom fodder most days, here I am.

What good is a laugh or a recipe not shared?

This blog is for the veganishy, or anyone else looking for a nonjudgy place to find good food and hopefully a bit of fun.  I hope you enjoy it!

In my spare time, I’m a full-time working mom, wife, potter wannabe and  hobby triathlete who enjoys swimming, hiking, my pets,  well-played sarcasm, and too many more things to list.  Oh, and laughing…laughing is the answer to life, the universe and everything, not 42 as is commonly thought.

Contact Me

Feel free to send a note, question, high praise, insults (ok, not too many of those, please) to me via email and be sure to connect with Veganishy on Facebook and Pinterest.

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I might be talked into Twitter one of these days.

One thought on “What is veganishy?

  1. You always know how to make me smile. I am very inspired. Looking forward to the future posts. Veganomicon rules.

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