Maryland Chickpea Salad

I’m still here!  It’s been a typically crazy May and June and I’ve been nursing a knee injury with loads of PT so I don’t totally embarrass myself in my August triathlon.  I’ve been cooking, creating and taking photos but haven’t spent time editing or writing too much.  Somehow I found some time to breathe tonight so I present you with a quick and easy East Coast style summer salad.

There are loads of chickpea salad recipes out there in the blog world and while I drool over them, pin them and vow to branch out, I keep coming back to the fave in our house, Maryland Chickpea Salad because we almost always have the ingredients on hand and we just love it.   Our home state is famous for crab cakes and Old Bay and we use it freely…in our vegan mac & ‘cheese’, on our popcorn, on our potatoes, sprinkled on sandwiches…you get the idea.  We love our Old Bay!  You can tell one’s love of Old Bay by the size of the container.  That baby in the photo is next to a regular size Vegenaise…and it holds a coveted place in my main food cabinet, right next to the cinnamon and nutritional yeast.


I prefer using dried chickpeas, but that just doesn’t fly on a weeknight without thinking and cooking ahead.  I always tell myself I’m going to do that but it rarely happens.   There’s no shame in using canned beans when  you’re a working mom with a traveling spouse, a kid and dog and a cat.  So, if you’re like me, open that can, drain and rinse then mash.   I like to leave it a bit chunky.  If you like it more mushy, you might want to drag out your food processor – before you do, though, think long and hard if you want to take the time to clean it  😉


Toss in the diced red peppers, green onions and cilantro and mix well.  Next up, ~3 tablespoons of Vegenaise and ~1 tablespoon of Old Bay.  Mix well and add Vegenaise and Old Bay to meet your spice and texture preference.  To be honest I don’t really measure, I  just start small and work my way  up to perfect, tasting as I go.  I prefer my chickpea salad with just enough Vegenaise to hold it loosely so it doesn’t drown out the veggie flavors.


I serve it on lettuce leaves like a taco, with tomato slices if I have them, and leftovers go in my lunch over torn lettuce.  It would be good on top of toast or in a wrap, too.  Enjoy!



Maryland Chickpea Salad

1 25 oz. can chickpeas, drained and rinsed (or equivalent cooked and cooled dried)

1 sweet red pepper, diced small

2 small or 1 large green onion, sliced

handful of cilantro chopped

2 T. Vegenaise +/-

1 T. Old Bay seasoning +/-

Lettuce leaves, rinsed and dried

Sliced tomato

Mash chickpeas in a large mixing bowl, leaving it somewhat chunky.  Mix in red pepper, green onion and cilantro.  Add Vegenaise and Old Bay and mix well.  Taste and add Vegenaise and Old Bay as needed to match your texture and spice level preference.  Place tomato slices on  lettuce leaves and top with chickpea salad.  Serve and enjoy!

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