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Recipe Review: Chickpea Flour Omelets

When I saw this recipe for Chickpea Flour Omelets on FatFree Vegan Kitchen, I immediately pinned it and put gram flour and black salt on my shopping list.  I’ve never used either and I love trying new ingredients.  Yes, I’m a little geeky that way.   I’m also looking for unique meal ideas and recipes that use less grain flour since my body likes to hang on to the pounds when I eat too much of it (and my husband bakes awesome artisan style bread – talk about a Catch 22).

I scored the gram flour and black salt from the local Indian market with the help of a friend (who is Indian-American and OMG, do we love when she invites us for Indian food – such a great cook!  And a lychee martini pro, and all around super cool friend!).

Tonight, my son’s soccer practice was cancelled and we had a ton of veggies to use up in the fridge so I decided it was time.  I used the same recipe for the crepe part of the omelet, and doubled the recipe to make 4. I used an orange pepper instead of the red or green listed because that’s what I had.

Since they have the shortest shelf life of what I had to work with, I made a mushroom mix for the inside instead of asparagus.  I had king oysters, shitake and Chinese shitake – I stir fried them in the wok with onions, garlic and fresh oregano and lemon thyme from my garden.

After the filling was done, I mixed up the batter and went to town.  My omelet batter didn’t take the full 4 minutes to get cakey on top – more like 2-3.   Before filling, I added just a hint of Daiya mozzarella shreds to lend a little creaminess.

The omelets were fantastic and filling, thanks to the high protein flour.   Husband and son agreed and we’re already thinking of what to put in them the next time.  I’m a major kitchen experimenter, rarely following an actual recipe (except for baked goods, of course) so any dish that offers variety quickly becomes a staple in our house.  My son is hoping for a dessert version.


Click on over the the recipe here…and get cooking!

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