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Basics: Tofu Sour Cream

Here we go!  One of the basic recipes I promised for those who are new to veganism or being non-dairy, or for those who are tired of paying too much for less than mediocre processed fake sour cream.

About 15 years ago, I was plagued with horrible sinus congestion/pain.  It was so bad that prescription allergy meds didn’t touch it.  It was torture.  I read something about a connection between dairy and the severity of seasonal allergy symptoms so I decided to go cold turkey and see if it helped.  I didn’t know how I would live without pizza or cheese or ice cream or milk for a month, but I was so miserable I would try anything.

I read labels and avoided anything that had even a hint of dairy in it.  I missed cheese like crazy.  One month later, I realized my sinuses were clear, pain free and I didn’t even need tissues!  I was thrilled to find a solution for my hay fever!

After allergy season, I happily sat down with a bowl a ice cream…ahhhh, how I’ve missed you, so creamy and cold….and within the hour I realized that all of those horrible, painful, can’t-even-walk-upright stomachaches I had been plagued with since childhood – the ones everyone said was stress – were from dairy.  I hadn’t had one the entire diary-free month and the ice cream did me in.  I felt so angry that not one healthcare professional throughout my life suggested I might be lactose intolerant.  Seriously, ask my parents…it was BAD, not just a regular kid style tummy troubles.  Ugh.

So, from that day I’ve been dairy free.  And pain free.  I did go through a period where I tried to wean some high end cheeses back in, but eventually admitted that my body is not designed for dairy.  Without it, I’m allergy free (well, OK  itchy eyes when the tree pollen is crazy high), my GI system is happy, I feel so much healthier.  On the rare occasions that I have a bite or two, I pay the price with a runny nose, inflamed sinuses and nausea…it’s usually the cheese or some decadent sweet that I can’t resist.  There’s that “ish” again!

No sinus or GI issues?  There are MANY reasons to avoid dairy – Google search may be enlightening for you.  Contrary to popular belief (thank you National Dairy Council), humans do not need milk to be healthy.

Being diary free is super easy these days.  There are many good dairy subs out there…milks, cheeses, ice creams…but I really didn’t like the dairy free sour cream.  So I learned how to make my own.  It debuted at a fajita dinner party and no one realized it was not real sour cream – seriously!


Making your own is super easy, economical and it’s great with potatoes, chili, Mexican fare, and it works great as a dip or dressing base, too.  It’s easy to mix it up with your favorite ingredients.  The sour cream is smooth, but certain ingredients will make appear a bit chunky, like the green onion in this batch.  It stores well in the fridge.  The juice may separate out a bit, but a quick stir fixes that.  My go-to adds include cilantro, green onion, and chives but there are endless possibilities.  Get mixing!



Tofu Sour Cream

1 box silken tofu (the stuff on the shelf, not in the fridge, see photo)

2 T. lemon juice

Sea salt to taste

Put all ingredients in a food processor or blender and mix away.  Taste and adjust lemon juice and salt levels as needed.  Add in any herbs or flavor you wish, serve and enjoy knowing you’re eating a healthier sour cream!

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